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We've created a diverse flavour range of probiotic rich products to deliver nutrients and good bacteria to your gut on a variety of occasions, read more below to find the perfect concoction to suit your needs.



Our Kimchi is a vibrant and tantalizing mix of flavors that will get your taste buds dancing and your digestive system smiling! A delicious base of cabbage, carrot and sweet potato offers superior fiber, beta carotene, manganese and antioxidant properties.
Ginger and garlic are included for their potent anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties, while Turmeric, black pepper and cayenne pepper are included for their unique ability to increase metabolism, fight cholesterol, cleanse the body and organs and allow for a greater bioavailability of all the included nutrients.

The inclusion of Gynostemma Tea offers superior adapatogen qualities while probiotic culture strengthens the gut and inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria.


A little more traditional in its nature, the PLV Dill Superkraut is a gentle yet flavoursome combination of cabbage, dill and caraway seeds, offering a kraut that is high in calcium, iron, vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. The probiotic culture assists by nourishing the body with friendly bacteria, easing digestive stress and warding off an invasion of harmful bacteria.

The dill kraut is a perfect introduction to fermented foods as it is gentle in taste and the most traditional of the range. It pairs well with any meal be it vegetables, salad, seafood or as a topping on gluten free bread or crackers. It is delicious mixed through scrambled eggs or along side avocado. It is even mild enough to enjoy by the spoonful to activate your digestive system prior to eating a meal!

Dill Sauerkraut


We just wanted to say that beetroot simply rocks our world and has been one of our best sellers since its introduction. With an earthy deep rooted vegetable of healthy goodness fermented with antiviral herbs and 10 super strain probiotics it was the living package of goodness that we were searching for and we’re so happy you have found it. Rock on Beetroot!

Radiating with earthy and fresh abundance, just like coming straight out of your garden, plus it will give your gut the perfect dose of probiotics – Keeping you healthy all year round! We love this tossed in any roasted vegetable dish. Just superb!

Beetroot Sauerkraut
Seaweed Sauerkraut


We’ve captured the magic of the ocean in this nutrient dense power player. Adding organic Australian Wakame and ORMUS to a classic base of cabbage, carrot and ginger, this oceanic delight is packed with minerals and as refreshing as an afternoon swim!

Bringing unique minerals and organic Australian dried sea salts from the sea to you!


In our Native Herbs Superkraut, we’ve put an Aussie bush twist on the classic curry flavours by adding some of the superfoods our very own backyard has to offer. Combining native wattle, pepperleaf and anise myrtle for a hint of sour, sweet and a touch of spice. This kraut is not only packed full of flavour but also boosts a powerful hit of anti-inflammatory and probiotic goodness.

We’ve brought together the magic of Australia's wild heart using native herbs and spices from the outback. With our love for fermented goodness we’ve combined a special curry flavour bringing the full Australian experience to any meal and all for the greater good of your gut. Good on ya!


Herb Sauerkraut


Never before has eating your greens been so pleasurable than with this mouthwatering mix of cabbage, apple and kale! This dynamite jar of goodness also delivers spirulina, broken cell chlorella and Gotu Kota.

It tastes so good you won’t notice it hiding the most super of superfoods


Hands down our crowd favourite, this jar of goodness will steal the show in any meal! A fantastic alternative to dairy, this vegan fermented miracle is brimming with probiotics and is a delicious way to improve your gut health. With a smooth, creamy texture it’s perfect for spreading, mixing, dipping and dollopping!


A revolutionary new concept – the world’s first true multi-strain probiotic vegan cheese! Using Super Stain Probiotics as our culture, these probiotics have been clinically proven to withstand the digestive system and colonise the gut. This delightfully nutritious cheese is anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and D-lactate free and embodies PLV’s philosophy that Happiness Comes
From Within!

French Onion Cashew Cheese
Vegan Sauerkraut
Dill Cashew Cheese


Medicinal Mushroom Cashew Cheese not only embodies the benefits of 10 Super Strain Probiotics but is also filled with three of the most highly regarded Medicinal Mushrooms of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science. Sound too good to be true, well it is. Check out this Mushroom line up…


Lion’s Mane - improves our second Gut Brain health and Cognitive function.

Reishi - containing potent adaptogenic properties that play a large part in reducing stress in our everyday lives and providing spiritual wellness & peace of mind.

Chaga - well known and studied anti-oxidant properties, considered to be ‘anti-cancer polypore’.


These high-quality Mushrooms extracts are certified organic and tested for Beta-Glucans of 20%, found in each spoonful. Simply put it’s packed full of beneficial bodily goodness and delicious!


Welcome to Chipotle country, where jalapeño meets smoke, in this traditional Aztec flavour combination that has your taste buds begging for more. Indulge your way through our Chipotle Cheese to unveil the rich creamy goodness of this smokey, peppery, mildly sweet, and acidic flavour bomb. Also packed full of Super Strain probiotics, that have been clinically proven to benefit your health and wellbeing.

Mushroom Cashew Cheese
Chipotle Cashew Cheese


A revolutionary concept where the line between a beverage and a high-end probiotic supplement merges together to form one refreshing drink that everybody loves. Ticking all the boxes of Anti-inflammatory, D-lactate free, Anti-histamine, Probiotic and Delicious!


Our Immune Tonic Kefir is the perfect remedy for a cold, flu or even if you just want to add some zest to your step. A tasty blend of ginger, lemon and spice to have you feeling refreshed and at your best!


Kefir 11 is the most affordable way to consume a high-quality probiotic supplement as one refreshing Coconut Water Kefir.

Immune Tonic Kefir


With 12 carefully selected superfood Berries and a few drops of Mandarin oil, this deep red refreshing drink is yummy and healthy. For the lovers of inner and outer beauty, vigor, longevity, and viral protection, these fruits are full of life-enhancing nutrients. We use the strongest clinically proven probiotics to ferment away the sugars, leaving you with a low carb, easy to digest, and assimilate tonic.

Super Berries Kefir


Peace Love & Vegetables Super Probiotic Kefir is back, and healthier than ever!


A revolutionary concept where the line between a beverage and a high-end probiotic supplement merges together to form one refreshing drink that kids love!


Kefer 11 is formulated with 11 of the highest super strain probiotics known to science & nature. Supported by extensive laboratory research this anti-depressant, aid to weight loss, immune system booster, improves digestion and maintains overall wellness. Seriously, what else could you ask for? It’s a health blast in one bottle and it’s kicking some goals.

Coconut Kefir


In 2022 we introduced a new product for the brand a delicious Smokey Chipotle Hot Sauce, the distinct chipotle flavour apologizes to no one, where the underlying heat from the jalapeño is smoked to form a rich flavour that is a staple in modern Mexican cuisine.

With a smooth medium heat that lasts only a few moments, it's the perfect introductory hot sauce to add to the condiments section of your fridge. Better yet it's also Organic, Keto, Paleo, Gluten Free and of course Vegan!


Be the first to try and love this hot new obsession!

Hot Sauce

This unique high-quality ghee is made from 100% organic grass-fed butter that is high in omega 3’s, which contributes to the unique creamy texture that people love. 

Ghee is predominantly saturated fat with a high smoke point of 252 degrees that resists rancidity, making it the perfect cooking oil!


- Predominantly saturated fat (The good fats)

- High in Omega 3 & 9 essential fatty acids 

- Provides Vitamin A, E, D & K

- High natural source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid



There is a reason coconut oil has reached celebrity status, and it’s not just it’s delicious taste! A natural source of (good) saturated fat, packed with nutrition and a fantastic alternative to plant based oils. With a slight nutty taste, this versatile oil can be added to sweet or savoury dishes and is a great addition to your morning smoothy!


The chameleon of oils! A high smoke point makes it ideal for cooking, PLUS you can also use it on your body and in your hair for all over nourishment!

Coconut Oil
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