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More than just a food company, a way of life!  


Born in 2011 to visionaries Anya and Adam, Peace, Love and Vegetables are on a journey to a better world. As a team of life loving, like-minded souls, we are passionate about nurturing our community and integrating holistic living and healthy products into everyday life by producing Australia’s finest, raw, organic fermented produce.  


Co-founder Anya was born in Russia where winter temps could plummet to -35 C. Pickling and preserving beetroot, krauts, tomatoes, mushrooms, jams, garlic became a family way of life and a means to have vegetables and fruits for the long cold winters ahead.  


Motivated to make her own kraut since 2005 when a health professional recommended eating kraut with every meal to heal her long-standing gut issue, Anya brought and made her own kraut wherever she went. “My gift to people was a jar of kraut’.  


Anya met Adam in Australia in 2011 and their combined love of health plus their huge commitment to and passion for creating and changing the world led to their backyard superkraut passion project flourish into the much loved, Peace, Love and Vegetables business it is today.  


Producing not only Australia’s Number 1 Sauerkraut but also probiotic packed cashew cheese, coconut kefir and a range of epic oils, we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings.


We go above and beyond to ensure our handmade products are full of the highest quality organic ingredients, and use medicinal herbs, spices and native Australian bush foods to take them to superfood status.


Adam, Anya and the team xx

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