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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my new jar of Superkraut fizzing?

Also possibly hissing, popping, erupting and/or foaming.

We recommend putting our products in the fridge before opening as cooling them down will settle the extra CO2 that builds up when they are not refrigerated in transit.

Also to combat the fizzing, particularly in our Superkraut and Cashew Cheese ranges you can leave the lid off for some time and keep tasting it as the CO2 escapes until it is to your liking.

All that said it's still safe to consume! One of the main reasons this occurs is because unlike most other products that need to be preserved by means of heat our products are unpasteurised, so when we seal them we do it while it's at room temperature as heat would destroy all of the good bacteria we put in there.

The fermentation process is still active long after we close the lid and this can build up pressure and create some movement inside the jars, so really it's just the goodness inside getting excited to encourage good gut health for everyone!

Is this string in my Dill Cashew Cheese?

Don't worry, it's just the tougher parts of the stem from the Dill that hasn't quite broken down as much as the rest of it, it's still edible but we won't be offended if you flick it away and discard of it.
We have remedied this in our newer batches by breaking the Dill down further.

Where can I buy some products?

If you head over to our Stockists page you can type your post code in the search bar, hit enter and watch the list populate with your nearest stores. If nothing near you comes up, go to your nearest health food store and say "Hey, you should really stock some Peace, Love & Vegetables products, they're the bee's pajamas!".

Alternatively, let us know your local store and we can tell them ourselves!

How can I become a Stockist?

Quite easily really, just send us a message via the Contact page with some information about where you are based and we will point you towards the appropriate distribution company for your state.

Can I buy PLV products online?

We provide a delivery service for online shoppers, so we can deliver our products from our headquarters in Byron Bay straight to your door! This service is currently limited to VIC, NSW, ACT and QLD.

Where are Peace, Love & Vegetables products made?

Our products were born and are made at 6 Ti-Tree Place Byron Bay NSW and we have no intentions of leaving this beautiful paradise that we call home.

Can I work for PLV?

So you want to join our team? Well if you think you have what it takes you can send all the information you think is applicable to us via our Contact page and if we think it is ferment to be we will be in touch.

Are there any allergens or meat products used?

That's a big NO from us, with the exception of the Cashew Cheese which obviously contains nuts. All of our products are vegan (excluding the Sacred Cow Ghee), antihistamine and rich in probiotics to encourage a good gut biome.

Who created the brand?

Less like bosses and more good friends with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, Adam and Anya created Peace, Love & Vegetables in 2011 with the intention to change the world by promoting goodness from within. You can read more on our About page.

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