Barùkas nuts are the next exceptional superfood to come out of Brazil and into your home. Discover the healthiest nuts in the world! Barùkas nuts are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidant power, with fewer fat calories than any other nut. Also, they are wild farmed, which means no chemicals, pesticides or artificial irrigation.

Barùkas nuts are the healthiest nuts in the world, and this Trail Mix is 100 percent unique in every way—its origins, ingredients, taste, phenomenal nutrition profile, and eco-benefits.

To create the Trail Mix, we combine the sweet dried Barùkas fruit and the deeply flavorful Barùkas nut. It's so brand new that you will be one of the first people on earth to enjoy this snack!

Available in a single snack size 90g or family size 340g.


PriceFrom $9.75