Why Fermented

Why Fermented

Why Fermented? Fermentation produces lots of beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins and good live bacteria, called probiotics.


When we eat fermented foods these goodies enter our digestive system and fill our gut with the right nutrients, enzymes and bacteria to create what’s called good ‘gut flora’, helping us create strong, healthy bodies.


Right around the world different cultures have been using fermented food for centuries to aid digestion and maintain good gut health.


From delicious Japanese miso and Korean Kim-chi, to Baltic Kvass and our favourite, the German sauerkraut, the wisdom and benefits of fermentation have been around forever!

What’s So Important About Gut Health


You know the sayings ‘gut feeling, ‘gut instinct’ ‘follow your gut’ etc… there is a reason your belly has historically been given so much responsibility!


Second to the brain, our gut has the largest amount of neurons in our bodies, and is intricately linked to our overall health and well being. Over 100 trillion…YES 100 TRILLION… bacteria call the gut home, so it makes sense we should do whatever we can to create the best environment for good gut flora to flourish in!


Hippocrates, the ancient greek physician and father of modern medicine, famously declared  ‘all disease begins in the gut’.


While here at PLV we take a more optimistic view of ‘all good health begins in the gut’, Hippocrates was onto something!


With its millions of nurons and trillions of microorganisms, the gut makes up over 75% of our immune system, regulates our metabolism and digestion, and is strongly linked to our mental health. Among other diseases, bad gut health has been linked to autism, depression, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and more.


In other words gut health is VERY IMPORTANT! Creating good gut health is like creating healthy, fertile soil for all of your other systems to grow strong from. What better way to plant the seeds of health and wellbeing than with some delicious fermented vegetables?!

Benefits of Sauerkraut

  1. Excellent source of probiotics
  2. High in dietary fibre
  3. Provides enzymes that help assimilate nutrients in food
  4. Contains Vitamin C, K & B’s
  5. Rich in antioxidants
  6. Excellent source of B12
  7. Abundant in Calcium, Magnesium & Iron
  8. Contains indole -3 Carbinol & DIM
  9. Replenishes & maintains intestinal flora
  10. Spirulina orivides powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
  11. Ginger aids in digestion
  12. turmeric helps lower cholesterol
  13. Dill helps protect against free radicals & carcinogens
Why Fermented