Teresa Palmer Interview

An interview with Teresa Palmer

Interview Questions from Peace, Love & Vegetables

PLV: If you could wake up any where in the world, where would It be and why?

TP: Anywhere in nature, with my family! Whenever we go on vacation we love going to destinations by the ocean – there’s something so calming about being by the ocean. I love making memories in the sunshine with my boys!

PLV: What’s your ultimate healthy snack for when you’re needing an afternoon pick-me-up? 

TP:  I try and change it up all the time! I love apples sprinkled with cinnamon, rice cakes with almond butter and I can never go past chips and guac!

PLV: What inspired you to start your health and wellness website and how would you like to see it grow?

TP: Your Zen Life was built from a conversation over dinner with one of my best friends, Phoebe Tonkin. We had a discussion about using our profiles to affect positive change. We both had an avid interest in health, wellness, mindfulness and conscious living and wanted to create a community of like-minded people where everyone has a voice and we could all learn from one another.
I have absolutely loved witnessing our community grow and bloom into such a beautiful collective of conscious minded people and I’m really excited to keep building on that.

PLV: What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you practice it?

TP: To me, sustainability means preservation for our children and the generations to follow after that. My husband and I are really focused on raising conscious kids and we practice sustainable methods a lot around the home. Recycling, composting, reducing how much plastic we use etc. We have also recently made the decision as a family to go vegan and a large component of that decision was the fact that aside from not wanting to contribute to the suffering of animals, we know that going vegan has a tremendous positive affect on the environment. We are big animal lovers and we felt it was contradicting our beliefs. There are so many ways to live consciously and practice sustainability and the little things all add up. If we all do our part, we will go a long way in preserving our planet!

PLV: How do you find a healthy balance between work and family life?

TP: I feel incredibly blessed that I get to bring my boys to work with me and in essence blur the lines between work and family life. With my line of work, I often get to experience a lot of down time once a project has wrapped and so when I am not working, I am in full mom mode!

PLV: Nowadays there are so many diet crazes out there that it can be overwhelming to decide on what food is best for you and your family. What is your personal ethic on diet?

TP: This is so true, there are so many diets and variations of diets that it can become quite overwhelming. As I mentioned earlier, for our family, a vegan diet is what fits best with our philosophy and ethos, however, it all comes down to personal preference. My best advice is to research, read and take in as much information as you can, there may be one specific diet /lifestyle choice that works for you but if not, that is also okay – there’s no right or wrong! You can take parts from different nutritional ideas, fitness regimes and schools of thought to come up with what works best for you; your body, your family, your circumstances and your lifestyle.