We demand a lot of the earth and her generosity, and firmly believe in doing everything in our power to give back the love and make our products, business and lifestyles as sustainable as possible.



All of our products are Australian Certified Organic, and we go above and beyond to source the best organic suppliers utilising sustainable farming practices.



Each year millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans and landfill killing marine life polluting our waterways. We endeavour to do whatever we can to avoid using plastic in our packaging.

Our glass jars ensure our beloved ferments get to you with minimal ongoing harm to our environment, and give you the opportunity to get creative in your recycling!

We also package our products for delivery in 100% recycled cardboard and print our labels on funky recycled rock!

Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Join hundreds of beautiful people and offset your carbon emissions today, by simply selecting to add a measly 50c to your order in our shop and we’ll donate the full amount to Greenfleet Australia.


Greenfleet protects our climate by restoring native forests. When you offset emissions with Greenfleet, you are choosing the most responsible carbon offset option for this beautiful place we call earth.


Another way to offset your emissions today is too reuse your glass PLV jars. They double up as an excellent water bottle, vase, pot for you plant, you name it. We always love seeing how creative our PLV tribe gets with our jars and would love to see and hear about yours!

Yep we’re serious about sustainability, just check out our 100% organic PLV tee’s here.