Dill Sauerkraut


Pioneering the way for Peace, Love & Vegetables, our Dill Superkraut was the first jar to brave the shelves. Developed with a vision of creating the ultimate health enhancing organic sauerkraut, this baby boasts an unstoppable combination of cabbage, dill and caraway seeds


You’ll love me because: I’m a superfood know-it-all! I’m high in calcium, a good source of manganese, iron, magnesium and a vitamin powerhouse

Bonny's Bush Tucker Sauerkraut


Very dear to our hearts, this special sauerkraut is made for our beautiful sister Bonny who loved and resonated deeply with the Australian bush. A delicious mix of cabbage and beetroot with Sea Parsley and Native Kutjuera Tomato for extra heart!


You’ll love me because: my vibrant beetroot is an excellent source of glutamine, fiber, vitamin C and many other goodies to keep your body running smoothly!

Kim-Chi Sauerkraut


Always one to get creative, we’ve taken an untraditional approach to this feisty Kimchi! A fibre rich mix of cabbage, carrot and sweet potato, this kraut has been supercharged with a spicy combo of Cayenne Pepper, Turmeric and Black Pepper to fire up your tastebuds!


You’ll love me because: I’m full of fibre, beta carotene, manganese, antioxidants & Vitamin C to keep you as vibrant as me!

Green Sauerkraut


Never before has eating your greens been so pleasurable than with this mouthwatering mix of cabbage, apple and kale! This dynamite jar of goodness also delivers spirulina, broken cell chlorella and Gotu Kota


You’ll love me because: I taste so good you won’t notice I’m hiding the most super of superfoods!

Tasmanian Seaweed Sauerkraut


We’ve captured the magic of the ocean in this nutrient dense power player. Adding organic Australian Wakame and ORMUS to a classic base of cabbage, carrot and ginger, this oceanic delight is packed with minerals and as refreshing as an afternoon swim!


You’ll love me because: I bring unique minerals and organic Australian dried sea salts from the sea to you!



We consistently endeavour to create the highest quality Certified Organic products through a process of continued experimentation, testing & developing our fermentation processes.

We choose to use L- Plantarum culture starter to kick off fermentation as it produces more exopolysacharides, longer probiotic life, less pathogens, is resistant to antibiotics, requires less salt and has a shorter fermentation leading to more good bacteria. We combine ancient fermentation methods and Superfoods, with the latest in technology to produce next level health enhancing SuperKraut.