An Interview with Anna Feller

An interview with Anna Feller

From Wilder  –  Conducted by Sabrina Sterk

S: What would be your ideal way to start the day?

A: Wake up, bondi to Bronte, swim in the ocean with banjo, strong macadamia mylk latte before my day of work begins.

S: How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

A: Balance is key. I train with transpose fitness 2x a week and try to make it to yoga or Pilates 2 to 3 times a week. On the weekends I walk everywhere also bondi to Bronte. I run after my almost 4 yr old most days and I try to eat a healthy diet with a cheat day or two.

S: What’s your ultimate healthy snack for when you’re on the go? 

A: Activated nuts & seeds, cucumbers & apples, bone broth, raw hummus & lots of herbal teas.

S: What gave you the idea to start your website, Wilder by Anna Feller ?

A: Everyone was always asking me what I fed my son banjo so Wilder was initially going to be mostly healthy recipes for families. I then realised that I wanted to create more of a lifestyle around that. I have worked in and around creatives in fashion for a long time so naturally I wanted to share stories of families and mothers that inspired me and create a community for people which then lead to me creative directing and styling shoots for brands.  So now it’s a mixture of great things and inspiration for everyone. There is a lot of things in the pipeline at the moment so stay tuned!

S: What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you practice it? 

A: I try and eat locally and shop mostly at the farmers markets, reuse and recycle glass, plastic and tins. It’s hard sometimes living in a city, trying to make a difference but every little bit counts.

S: How do you achieve a healthy work/life balance? 

A: I try and get to yoga/meditate even just get into the ocean. I find the more time I give myself to do these things the more positive & giving energy I receive back which in turn gives me superpowers in my mum/work life.

S: Nowadays there are so many diet crazes out there that it can be overwhelming to decide on what food is best for you. What is your personal ethic on diet and do you feed your children the same way you feed yourself? 

A: Just try and not be too hard on yourself, eat what makes you feel good. Eat local. Skip the middle isles of the supermarket and eat the veggies at the front. Feed your kids what you feed yourself or else you will be spending the rest of your life cooking 5 different meals. Teach them about food. Where it comes from.. it will help to encourage them to have a healthy relationship with what they put in their bodies.

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