Coconut kefir


Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage that has been consumed for centuries due to its unique health-enhancing properties. Kefir is a unique ferment where the beneficial bacteria & active yeast exist in symbiosis. Kefir is made with kefir ‘grains’ which are highly beneficial organisms of bacteria that promote good digestion, gut health, immunity and even enhance brain function and mood. Traditionally kefir is made with dairy milk as the lactose feeds the good bacteria, however using coconut water also means that the naturally occurring sugars in the coconut feeds the grains without the negative effects of dairy. Coconut on its own also promotes a healthy immune system and contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
A potent and delicious beverage to enjoy daily, our coconut kefir can assist with cleansing and detoxifying the body, aiding digestion, balancing hormones, increasing energy levels, reducing cravings and eliminating unhealthy bacterial infections in the body. Our coconut kefir is alkalizing, full of calcium, magnesium and B and K vitamins and also enhances liver function, longevity, fertility and overall vitality.

We recommend a 30ml serving daily to begin with.



You’ll love me because: I’m a superfood know-it-all! I’m high in calcium, a good source of manganese, iron, magnesium and a vitamin powerhouse

storehouse for vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C as well as many B-Complex vitamins