Frequently Asked Questions

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My Superkraut fizzes and expands when I open it, is it ok to eat?

Absolutely, these are signs that the good bacteria in your sauerkraut are alive and well and ready to fill your gut with goodness!

How long can my kraut be out of refrigeration?

As the fermentation process will continue when the jar is at room temperature, the jar should never be left out of refrigeration for longer than 3 hours

Once opened, how long will my kraut keep for?

Once opened and kept refrigerated, we recommend using your kraut within 21 days

Why is my Superkraut sometimes soft and sometimes crunchy?

Each batch of sauerkraut is lovingly hand-made from organic ingredients, so each batch is slightly different and its consistency can vary depending on the water content of the produce

Is it ok to cook my Superkraut?

Cooking the sauerkraut will kill the good bacteria and enzymes it contains, so we don’t recommend it.

It is ok to add some raw sauerkraut to stews and soups, or stir through dishes once they are off the heat and being served.

The top of my Superkraut has a slight brown colour, is it ok to eat?

If the top of your sauerkraut has gone a slight brown colour this simply means it has come into contact with oxygen. It is ok to remove this top layer and consume the kraut below.

Of course if your kraut has any abnormal smells or signs of mould, and you suspect it is off (very unlikely!) use your discretion when deciding whether to consume or not.

How much kraut is safe to eat?

If you are new to the world of probiotics and just starting to eat sauerkraut we suggest adding a spoon full of kraut per day to a meal, gradually increasing over a couple of weeks to however much kraut your heart, gut and tastebuds desire!

Coconut Kefir

How long does the bottle last after opening?

We recommend consuming within 14 days after opening and keeping the bottle refrigerated.

How much kefir should I drink?

Drink 30ml twice a day for maintenance, or for a more profound effect drink more cautiously.

If my coconut kefir is flat (no fizz) is it still ok to consume?

Yes it is still ok to drink and will have the same health benefits. Because it is a live product and made in small amounts the fizz can vary from batch to batch.

Is it ok to drink kefir while pregnant?

Yes, kefir is a great way to keep natural probiotics in your diet while pregnant. Probiotics are important for pregnancy to help fight against yeast infection and to help keep the gut balanced.


The Company

Are you certified organic?

Yes we are!! We go above and beyond to source only the best organic produce and all our products are Australian Certified Organic.

Do You Use Culture Starter?

We sure do! We combine cutting edge technology and traditional fermentation methods with extensive testing to create the highest quality products available. We  use a natural L- Plantarum based culture starter as it produces more exopolysaccharides, longer probiotic life, less pathogens, is resistant to antibiotics, requires less salt and has a shorter fermentation leading to more good bacteria.

Read more about culture starter and wild fermentation HERE