The Tale

Born in 2011 to visionaries passionate about integrating holistic living and healthy products into everyday life, Peace, Love & Vegetables has flourished from a backyard passion project to a Superkraut juggernaut. Producing not only Australia’s Number 1 Sauerkraut, but also probiotic packed cashew cheese, coconut kefir and a range of epic oils, we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings.

We go above and beyond to ensure our handmade products are full of the highest quality organic ingredients, and use medicinal herbs, spices and native Australian bush foods to take them to superfood status.

The Tribe

Led by chiefs and founders Anya and Adam, the Peace, Love & Vegetable tribe is unlike any other. We are lucky to call Byron Bay home, and as Australia’s epicentre of conscious living, we draw daily inspiration from Byron’s fertile lands, cleansing oceans and forward thinking community.

We surf, we cook, we discover, we love, we play, we create…and each jar of Peace, Love & Vegetables is a little gift of our magic!

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